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We have many clients who have similar questions – so you're not alone! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions to help you start feeling more confident right now. Just a taste of what it's like to work with us!

  • Where’s my refund?
    Federal (IRS): The IRS has a free online tool to check a refund’s status at the web address: The site requests social security number, filing status (single, married filing joint/separate, head of household) and refund amount. State: Georgia also has a free online tool to check a refund’s status at the web address: The site requests social security number and refund amount.
  • How do I pay my taxes?
    Federal (IRS): Mail a check to the address on the payment voucher or pay online. Online payment is recommended to expedite payment (reduce any interest and penalty) and avoid any delays/theft of mail. The web address is: State: Mail a check to the address on the payment voucher or pay online. Online payment is recommended to expedite payment (reduce any interest and penalty) and avoid any delays/theft of mail. The web address is:
  • I need a copy of my tax return. Where can I get it?
    Our portal at The tax year folder (i.e., TY21 for Tax Year 2021) contains a subfolder with your Client and Government pdf copies. Note: Smart Vault is not a document storage service. After a tax return is filed, clients should download their final pdf tax return copies for their own records.
  • I received a tax notice (letter). What do I do?
    Most tax notices plainly state their purpose. The IRS or state may adjust a tax return for multiple reasons, particularly for interest and penalties. If you agree with the change, follow the instructions on the letter for resolution. If you do not agree and need assistance, upload your letter to Smart Vault and notify us (do not email, as it may contain sensitive personal and financial information).
  • What is the best way to prepare for tax season?
    From your Smart Vault, reference the digital tax organizer for the current tax year. Ensure you have logged into and have access to your IRS account via Digitize your tax forms and other support, and upload it to your Smart Vault; pdf file format is preferable over jpegs.
  • Where do I upload my tax documents?
    Please upload tax documents to the Client Source Document folder of the appropriate tax year (i.e., TY21 for Tax Year 2021) to our portal Smart Vault:
  • I don’t have all my tax documents for the current tax year. Where can I access them?
    If you are unable to request the documents directly from the source, you can access your IRS transcript on the IRS website using the Get My Transcript Tool. Please note that the transcript may not be up to date for the prior year until July 1.
  • Where can I find my estimated tax payment vouchers?
    Estimated tax payment vouchers may be included in the prior year tax return. The vouchers are designated ES for estimate. Do not confuse the ES estimated tax payment vouchers with any annual payment vouchers.
  • As I am an S-corp, C-corp, or partnership that is an LLC, do I have to renew my company registration with the Secretary of State each year?
    Yes, the legal entity is maintained separately from the LLC’s tax filing status. Business entity registrations must be renewed annually with the state Secretary of State’s office at the web address Don’t forget, business licenses must also be renewed with the municipality (city or county) where they reside.
  • I have a business tax return. What support should I upload to Smart Vault?
    At a minimum: The tax year Income Statement and Balance Sheet, both in pdf and Microsoft Excel. Business bank account and business credit card statements as of 12/31 of the given tax year. If you have payroll, a copy of your W3. Supporting documentation for asset additions (vehicles, equipment, furniture, etc.) and liability additions (vehicle loans, business loans, loans from shareholder); please also notify us and provide support for any asset disposals or loan payoffs.
  • Who needs bookkeeping services?
    Any self-employed client or business owner who is not a trained accountant. Also, a client who is interested in having more time to focus on growing their business, having timely financial statements to make decisions and have a stress-free tax season!
  • What types of bookkeeping plans do you offer?
    We offer monthly and quarterly bookkeeping plans. Please contact the office (770) 279-7412 for a bookkeeping consultation.
  • What bookkeeping software do you use?
    We use and recommend Quickbooks Online. Several plans are available to fit the size and complexity of your business. Note: for anyone using Quickbooks Desktop, Intuit has announced they will be eliminating the desktop version on February 23, 2023.
  • What documents do I need to provide?
    Please provide bank statements (checking, savings, money market, etc.), credit card statements, loan documents (new loans), Payroll Reports (weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, if using a payroll service) and support for any unusual or infrequent financial transactions.
  • When are the support documents due?
    All statements are due within 5 days of their closing date. New loan documents are due as soon as the loan closes. Payroll reports should be provided after each payroll run.
  • How do I provide my supporting documents?
    Please upload support documents to the Send to Accountant folder of the appropriate tax year to our client portal, Smart Vault:
  • When is sales tax due?
    Sales tax is due by the 20th of the following month. We need your sales tax information by the 7th of the following month to prepare and timely file the Sales Tax Return.
  • When are Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns due?
    They are due by the last day of the month following the end of the quarter. For instance, the quarter ending March 31st, returns are due by April 30th.
  • When are Business Personal Property Tax Returns due?
    They are due by April 1st.
  • After I signed on to QuickBooks Online, my bank accounts are shown as “needs attention.” What do I need to do?
    You will need to click on Needs attention – next screen, you will see Fix connection, Verify your info or Update. Click on it, and follow the instructions.
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