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About Us

We have something in common. We are a team of real people who are doing our best to bring value to you in an ever-changing world filled with uncertainty.

Our culture is inclusive, authentic and celebrates the differences that make us unique. We utilize the latest technology and operate with a continuous improvement mindset. We hold ourselves accountable and cultivate healthy relationships. We seek clients who share these values and seek to understand our approach and develop them for their own. We will let go of clients who do not share these values, try to take advantage of our goodwill, or treat any member of our firm with disrespect.


While we are here to make life easier for you, one thing we preach is our services do not outsource your responsibilities as a business owner, owner of your personal finances and/or legal compliance obligations. With your current or old CPA, when something went wrong, was it their fault, or was it possible you didn’t understand or fulfill your responsibility – or were too scared or embarrassed to ask? 


Our secret is guiding you to fulfill your responsibilities in the least painful, most time-effective manner, and then we take care of the respective functions you need outsourced.


Regardless of what you think about taxes and how you think about taxes - and whether you’ve kept up with things well or not - we aren't here to judge. We're here to help you feel better, stay compliant, plan ahead, and support your particular needs.


We'll tell you directly what to expect - NO surprises. We'll be direct and honest so you know exactly what's coming up ahead based on the present. We'll be honest enough to tell you if something is wrong and guide you to make it right.

We've Got You

You and your business are safe and protected by people who are looking out for you. We'll simplify the process and help you gain and keep control. We know what it's like to be a small business owner, so we understand your frustrations and worries.

R. Brian Hawkins, CEO/Owner


It all started with the basic ideal of lending expertise and insight to help companies improve and achieve their goals. After 20+ years working in larger firms for corporate clients, a new ideal was formed: utilize this insight and expertise to help small businesses and individuals.


To start, an acquisition was made of an “old school” CPA firm, and a transformation began – not only for the firm but for the person transforming the practice. Each day, the firm began to change, but also the world in which we worked. Today, it seems we are all figuring out how we want things to be in this different world, but we know the old way of approaching traditional services does not work and is unsustainable for all involved. To better reflect this direction of the firm, we made a brand transition from Hawkins Beaudry to HB, although we still operate with the Hawkins Beaudry DBA.


We are building this new way of operating, and we are one of the few small firms in the country, much less the world, that is taking a new approach of combining customized advisory services and traditional “back office” small business services. Brian is leading this approach and building an authentic, progressive firm for clients who are seeking a better path and a formula for their own success.


Brian started his career at Ernst & Young, LLP and over the years served global Fortune 500 and middle market entities. Intellectual, curious and with a bit of humor, friends, colleagues and family would always approach Brian for advice on how trends, technical and conceptual topics applied in their personal world. Brian has manifested his passion into an opportunity to help you and many more via the firm’s offerings. 


Brian’s first passion and love is his wife and two daughters. He holds an accounting degree from the University of Alabama and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Brian is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant and has also attained additional professional certifications throughout his career.

When looking for a new CPA or service provider, gone are the days where the name on the firm is the only person you work with for the next 20 years.


Sure, can you find an “old school” CPA who might just do your tax return for a rock-bottom price. Yes, there are a few left (and they are dwindling), but what is the value of the old school “free” advice that comes with the complimentary stale cup of coffee?


Egos are out, and teams are in. Said differently, the old model where the firm owner was the only one with expertise is not today’s reality. In the new model, the firm owner should be striving full-time to work on the business (not necessarily in the business), to ensure the business is thriving and delivering for clients. 


Our goal is when you work with one member of our team, you feel like you have worked with us all. Each team member might have different job functions and responsibilities, but a consistent level of service and approach is the desired result. We have a growing, service-oriented team whose members are a diverse mix of professionals, paraprofessionals and administrative staff.


We look forward to meeting and serving you.

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